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This is some of the information I have put together from my father's interviews with my grandparents and their parents, as well as some GEDCOM info from, the Latter Day Saints website.  It hasn't been updated lately, but I'll get to that ASAP.

The Family of Ben Mitchel Clark and Ruth Tenzy Butler

The Family of James Abner Butler and Minerva Ann Peacock

The Family of Joe Sam Clark and Cynthia Price

Dean/Dane Genealogy

Thanks to Kim Caldwell for sending this to me.

The Family of Marine D. Clark and Edna Cordelia Dane

The Feldmillers and Burtons

Four Generations
Minerva Ann Butler, Tenzy Peacock, Bess Bromley, and Kate Birmingham (nee Bromley)
Photo taken 1929 or 1930