Family History Information

My grandfather, William Herman Feldmiller, had a great love for our family's history. My father, William H. III, continued the search for our ancestors with the many documents his father kept. My documents are based on the information that was provided to me.

Click on the links below to see what's been done so far, and what's being done.


My mother's family:


The James Abner Butler and Minerva Ann Peacock Family

The Joe Sam and Cynthia Price Family

The Marine D. Clark and Edna Cordelia Dane Family

The Ben Mitchel Clark and Ruth Tenzy Butler Family


My father's family:

For the moment, click on the link for the William Abraham Burton family to read all of these documents.


The William Abraham Burton and Mary Eveline Holt Family

The William Henry Feldmiller and Fannie Belle Burton Family

The William Herman Feldmiller and Margaretha Emma Neuf Family

The William H. Feldmiller and Margaret Nanette Clark Family

More will be added as I have time.


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