My Fur-Babies

  This is Radcliffe. He walked up and introduced himself to me at the Humane Society. He's very soft and very loving, and he likes to go for the last walk of the night on a leash with the dog. In the winter, he's my best sleeping pal because he likes to crawl under the electric blanket. He's six years old and still a kitten at heart.


This is Pippin. He's a seven year old papillon who came from the Papillon Club of America Rescue Committee. He still has some issues with people because he was abused. But he's a good dog overall. It's his job to monitor the bike path and to control the cats. Just ask him.
  This is Maxime. I think you can see what she does best. She came in off the front porch -- somebody probably threw her out when they moved. (I hate it when people do that!) She had her kittens in my closet and I had every intention of taking her to the Humane Society. But she's still here. She's as soft as cotton and I think she's about five years old.

More photos of the kids






A Very Special Memory

 BrianJack a/k/a BJ Honeycat, BeeGee-bear, Beeger. He's crossed the Rainbow Bridge now. He was the most loving and sweetest fur-person I've ever known.