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My friend Elizabeth and I had a blast on the 1993 Winger tour. We were designated "Winger Girls" by band, crew, and club owners. I took a lot of pictures when they'd let me (the band didn't care -- it was the club owners, so let's hear rousing boos for clubs in Harrisburg, Allentown, and Louisville!)




 Elizabeth, Kip, and me during a break from filming "Who's The One," Hammerjacks, Baltimore, MD

 Winger at the Boathouse, Norfolk, VA


 Reb ("don't call me Richard!") at Hammerjacks

 Kip at the Boathouse, Norfolk


 JR shreddding at Kokomo Bay Cafe, Philadelphia

 Rod making drummer faces, Philadelphia



 One half of a guitar duel, Philadelphia

 Liz took this with my big lens while Kip waited for a radio interview, Martinsburg, WV


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