More Kip solo photos

A few more from the Florida trip and a couple from Pittsburgh, with one of the Forum gang from Cleveland. Yes, I drive or fly all over the place for this guy. Why? Because he's good. REALLY GOOD.



The Loony Bin, 6/24/2005

 The Station Square Street Jam, Pittsburgh, 8/5/2005. This is

so damn close to the photo I've always wanted of Kip.

 Indigo Room, 6/25/2005

 This is a very close second. Station Square, 8/5/2005

Indigo Room, 6/25/2005

 Another pic from the Indigo Room.

A happy group of Kip's fans at the House of Blues, Cleveland, 8/6/2005.

At The Loony Bin, 6/25/2005.

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