More Kip solo photos

Took a little trip to Florida for a couple of Kip's solo shows. I met some of my friends from the Kip Forum (finally!). The shows were awesome! We were treated to a new song, and one of the tracks from the Xcarnation album Grounded with Kip and Cenk Eroglu. You need to buy it! It's AWESOME!






 Jammin' away, at the Indigo Room, Ft. Myers, FL, 6/25/2005

 How much sustain can you get out of a twelve-string, anyway? The Indigo Room.


 Happy birthday, Kip! We got you a cake! The Loony Bin, Port Charlotte, FL 6/24/2005

 Don't you have sugar at home? The Loony Bin.



 Me with Kip at the Indigo Room.

 Another pic from the Indigo Room.

Only took two pictures during the show at the House of Blues in Cleveland, 8/6/2005... Of just Kip, anyway. He made me promise. And did I listen? Would I have this picture if I did?

The guitar. The Loony Bin.

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