Metal Mania Stripped Tour

Okay, so one day VH1 Classic decided to make a album of acoustic versions of songs of the 80s and 90s. All well and good. Then they decided to promote it with a tour. It ended up looking like Spinal Tap on tour. But Kip and Reb were great, as they always are! And did Yours Truly take pictures? Excuse me, but DUH!




 What are these two so serious about? The House of Rock, White Marsh, MD 11/9/2005.

 I'm certain they're not trading recipes. The House of Rock, 11/9/2005.



 Now, that's more like it! Two friends together again, having some fun. The House of Rock, 11/9/2005.

 Got a really nice one of Reb during Don Dokken's set at the House of Rock.



 And they did it all again in Lakeland, FL, at the Lakeland Center, 11/19/2005.

 One more from Lakeland. Yeah, I know it's out of focus. Blame the camera nazis.

It was the last night of the tour, so there was a little "blues jam" with everyone on stage -- from left to right, Don Dokken, CJ Snare (Firehouse), Kip, and Michael Raphael. Obviously SOMEONE was having a good time.

And the day before Lakeland was in Clearwater. Here the road-weary meet the road-weary -- me and Reb at Sam Ash, Clearwater, FL, 11/18/2005. Photo by Deeandra. (I feel pretty, oh so pretty!)